St. John's Episcopal Church of Iron River, Mi.

Spirit's Sanctuary - a safe haven

Christ's Compassion - through community outreach

God's Gifts - by grace refined

This is who we are -

Come and be a part of our vision!

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- Welcome to St. John's -
We are a liturgical community who hear the voice of God in the words of the Book of Common Prayer, in the readings of Scripture and in the quietness of our sanctuary.

We work together as a team as we carry out Christ's mission in the world.

We support the gifts that God has given to each and every individual.

We live with a spirit of grace, knowing that we are in need of forgiveness, and that we need to forgive others.
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New to St. John's: Call Molly @ (906) 265-2144
St. John's Episcopal Church: (906) 265-9013
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